Welcome to the Maryland Standardbred Race Fund, a breeding incentive program that includes both the
Maryland Sire Stakes (MSS) and the Maryland Standardbred Fund (MSF).

Eligibles after the 2019 Payments
4 & 5 Year Olds (after 2/15/19 payment)
3 Year Olds (after 2/15/19 payment)

2019 Race Dates

2019 Registered Stallions

Yearling Nomination Form
(A copy of the yearling’s U.S.T.A. registration certificate or its equivalent U.S.T.A. report must be submitted with this form.)

Yealing Eligibles after the 5/15/18 Payment

Details on the MSS 4YO & 5YO Program | Article | Details & Form | Regulations
MSS & MSRF Stakes Records including World Champion Googoo Gaagaa 2,1:56h, 3,1:50.4f.