Welcome to the Maryland Standardbred Race Fund, a breeding incentive program that includes both the
Maryland Sire Stakes (MSS) and the Maryland Standardbred Fund (MSF).

Yearling Nomination Form - DUE 5/15
(A copy of the yearling’s U.S.T.A. registration certificate or its equivalent U.S.T.A. report must be submitted with this form.)

Eligibles after the 2019 Payments
2 Year Olds (after 3/15/19 payment)
3 Year Olds (after 2/15/19 payment)
4 & 5 Year Olds (after 2/15/19 payment)

2019 Race Dates

2019 Registered Stallions

Yealing Eligibles after the 5/15/18 Payment

Details on the MSS 4YO & 5YO Program | Article | Details & Form | Regulations
MSS & MSRF Stakes Records including World Champion Googoo Gaagaa 2,1:56h, 3,1:50.4f.